• Oct 20, 2017
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Behind The Design: Jewel Box Powder Room

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Mesmerizing wallpaper meets custom wood cabinetry to create striking contrast in this beautiful, jewel box powder room. In the following Q&A, we dive into the thought process of Rebecca Hay – the talent behind this extraordinary design:

Small Bathroom Design, Rebecca Hay Design, Green Bathroom, Jewel Box Bathroom 

What were your clients’ needs for this space?

This small main floor powder room was outdated with an over-sized vanity which took up the entire back wall. The client wanted the space to be a pretty jewel that flowed with the sophisticated country vibe throughout the rest of their house.

Were there any challenges designing this space?

The toilet was in the wrong location and too close to the wall. We relocated the toilet next to the vanity for easier access. It was also very cold in winter so we added in-floor heating.

Small Bathroom Design, Rebecca Hay Design, Green Bathroom, Jewel Box Bathroom

Do you have any special considerations or requirements when creating a powder room?

I always want a powder room to make a statement. It’s usually one of the smaller rooms in a home and so any amount of pattern or color can be used without overwhelming. I love to use wallpaper for that reason. It adds a fun sophisticated vibe and turns an ordinary room into a little jewel box.

How does the flooring play into your design?

You can have fun with the floor since it’s a small space. Because the wallpaper was our statement we didn’t want the flooring to compete with it. As a result, we opted for a simple dark slate tile and laid it in a herringbone pattern to add some interest. 

Small Bathroom Design, Rebecca Hay Design, Green Bathroom, Jewel Box Bathroom 

Why did you choose these colors?

This wallpaper was our starting point. I fell in love with the grass-cloth texture and emerald green pop of color. The wainscoting was added to help keep the color in check so that it wasn’t too overwhelming (or expensive)! The warm wood vanity and gold accents are balanced by the dark floors and mirror. I love contrast and we found the perfect balance here.

What is your favorite aspect of this room?

That custom vanity. We designed it to look old, and in a farmhouse style but it’s brand new. That gorgeous Carrara marble countertop and satin brass faucet elevate the look and balance the rustic base.

Small Bathroom Design, Rebecca Hay Design, Green Bathroom, Jewel Box Bathroom

What did your client like the most?

My client says it is now her favorite room in the house. She loves the wallpaper the most but overall how sophisticated and purposeful the room feels while still feeling warm and homey.


Rebecca Hay is the Principal Designer of Rebecca Hay Designs

With a focus on exceptional quality, Rebecca Hay Designs offers a full range of interior design services, specializing in luxury residential. Rebecca’s designs infuse old with new, creating a signature blend of traditional and contemporary. An extensive network of resources and partnerships allow Rebecca and her team to deliver outstanding, hands-on service, and beautifully creative solutions that bring their clients’ visions to life. @rebeccahaydesigns

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